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FL Road Show 2021

The Florida Manufacturing Technology Road Show brings the latest technology products to your area this fall. Bring your team to the event.

Come meet industry experts and discuss the latest solutions to enhance your business.

Products that help you automate every aspect of the manufacturing cycle, from product development tools like 3D CAD modeling software, laser scanning systems to CAM software to properly program your machine tools.

Product development professionals will also have a wide variety of additive manufacturing 3D printing solutions printing a multitude of materials including tool steel, copper, stainless steel & Inconel, along with glass & fiber filled materials.

Machine tool along with factory automation experts will be prepared to discuss how to automate your workflow by automatically tending mills, turning centers, CMM's and other processes .

Quality assurance minded companies can discuss the wide variety of CMM's , portable measuring arms, laser scanning systems and laser tracking.

From product concept to design, & engineering to manufacturing and final inspection. We have compiled a complete line-up of solutions and experts to discuss your needs and fit you into the best solutions; with out you having to travel to a far-off city.

Come for an hour or spend the entire event.

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Mitutoyo Showroom


Enter Virtual Showroom Here

Back in October, we invited you to the 1st Mitutoyo Virtual Tradeshow.  This show offered our attendees the opportunity to interact with our products, view product demonstrations, watch live presentations, along with a variety of other fun features. After the event we received multiple requests asking us to keep the space open longer, so we decided that we would open the space up for everyone to access and it has now been transformed into our 1st Mitutoyo Virtual Showroom.

The Virtual Showroom is a great way to see features, benefits and specifications on select products and services, as well as watch product demonstrations and knowledge-based presentations recorded during the event.

Vision Engineering Interactive Trade ShowClick to Enter

360° Interactive Product Showroom

Explore our range of optical stereo inspection, digital microscopes, and metrology systems. Move around the products and use the icons to learn more about the capabilities and features.